4CH Parallel Charging Board XT60 Banana Plug For ISDT D2 Q6 T6 Lite Imax B6 Charger


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This board’s main power lead comes equipped with an XT60 connector, which is handy for chargers like ISDT. It also comes with an adapter to go from XT60 back to traditional 4mm banana style. The included balance lead is 5 pin XH style and one tab may need to be trimmed to fit properly into the balance socket depending on your charger’s needs.

Safety is a major concern for any form of parallel charging. Checking each cell of every single battery before connecting them together is extremely important! If you see a cell’s voltage that is not like the rest, do not charge it with the others in parallel! To help with this, we have added a cell checker at the top of the board. You need to check them one at a time before plugging them all into the board, however. We have also provided replaceable fuses between the main power leads to aid in preventing surges from one pack to another. We suggest only parallel charging packs that are within roughly 0.1 volts per cell, or 0.4 volts for a 4S pack. So a pack that is at 15.0 volts total would be safe to charge with another pack that was 15.4 volts or 14.6 volts.


Input Power Connector: XT60 Male housing, Female Bullets with 14AWG wire

Also includes 4mm banana adapter

Charge Connector: 4x XT60 Female housing, Male Bullets

Fuse: 15A automotive (removable without de-soldering)

Balance Connector: 8x XH 4s Connectors

Dimensions: 85 x 53 x 23mm

Package Included:

1x Parallel Charging Board


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