2 IN 1 PG Parallel Charging Board XT30 XT60 Plug Supports 4 Packs 2-8S Lipo Battery


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Item: Parallel Charging Board

Balance Output Cable: 18AWG silicon cable

Current: Support MAX. 35A charge current

Support 4 packs 2S, 4 packs 3S, 4 packs 4S, 4 packs 5S, 4 packs 6S, 4 packs 7S, 4 packs 8S balance charge.


1. Supports up to four packs of the same type, same cells 2-8S battery pack.

2. Balanced port output line with 18AWG multi-strand silicone line.

3. Equipped with safety protection T plug silicone cap.

4. High-quality gold-plated connectors.

5. Thicken PCB copper foil, allow security using 35A charging current

6. Equipped with 40A fuse between any two groups of batteries, to prevent line burned due to the large battery pressure.

Package Included:

1X PG Parallel Charging Board


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